Greetings Beautiful People, I trust that you’re having a fabulous day! I’m Glenda Murphy, wife, and mother, also known as GEM, the Proprietor behind GEM Designs, which stands for Glenda Echols Murphy, first name, maiden name, and married.  How ironic, right?!

 I’m an accessories designer, with an affinity for all things creative and the details that help complete your look. When not creating, I can be found perusing the internet, boutiques, and consignment shops for unique finds, and other resources that would make my creative journey more productive.

After talking about this blog for lord knows how long, I am finally starting it! I would venture to say as an entrepreneur, frustration, and too much information, unorganized in some cases, has helped me to narrow down what my blog will be about. That’s You, the reader, along with tips, and information that you might find both inspirational and resourceful.

Whew! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I look forward to sharing, tools, and resources with you.  You can expect to see and purchase some of my handcrafted pieces, or gain access to resources, (see disclaimer) that will make your creative, and style journey stress-free.  In the meantime, become a part of our group of like-minded individuals in pursuit of the same goal, enjoying life and becoming a success in whatever manner you choose!


stylish. creative. you.™

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